New release 18/10-2021

My city block – A multimediawork by Ylva Bentancor, sound art/text/video,

Gustavo Bentancor, sound art/instruments, Cecilia and Martin Gelland in Duo Gelland, violins. Cover photo by Magnus Hjalmarson Neideman                                                                                                        ©Tentakel Förlag 2021                                               

This is Tentakel FSound art publisher's third edition, and we are proud to present another new format in our production, a multimedia work.

The story is based on my imaginary city block, and it is when the world around it one day suddenly disappears that everything begins. What happens now? What does the new situation do to us as individuals and collectives? My city block is available in two versions, a Swedish and an English.

In faIt contains all parameters; text, music, sound art and film. Of course, you can experience it as you wish, but we recommend a nice pair of headphones and perhaps solitude, to have room for your own reflections that we hope the work evokes.

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We also want to draw your attention to the fact that this publisher is an independent publisher, we have no financiers, but it is the sale of our productions that creates the conditions for the next. So just share your purchased version with those who can not afford to buy one themselves, and let those who can afford it pay for themselves. Then we can continue with our business and offer new sound art experiences. You can read more about us who are part of the project at:

Ylva Bentancor:

Duo Gelland:

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Future production! Going on...

Forever provisional

2022 is the year for crocheting! And it's also a year of reflection and change if we want to make this planet as cold as it needs to be. So the sound artist Ylva Bentancor invite everyone to crochet on the theme: A reaction against a social-media-perfect-world and an advertisement-perfect-world , for a personal-perfect-world-failure in a world that is nothing but perfect.

This will end up in a unique digital soundart-book production where these crochets and words about them will be presented together with the sound art. Participate or support, or both! Read more on Instagram and Patreon.

In December 2020, Tentakel released the first digital CD production of Ylva Bentancor, SILHOUETTED AGAINST THE SUN.

The CD is a collection of sound art works  in combination with instruments with the common denominator that they all illuminate human behavior from different angles. We begin the travel by accompanying the pedestrians, the dwarf, the woman and the child on a life-changing journey where coincidence change everything fundamentally. We walk through Mongolia with crumbling gravel under the soles of our shoes and experience a daily life based on so much other than what we in the western world are used to, and the silence is palpable everywhere except in Ulaan Bator, the capital, which corresponds to the complete opposite with its constant rumbling. After that we go into the entertainment industry as it looks today in the work Tittytainment and finally end in the middle of Berlin and the sounds of when many people come together for a common cause.

Musicians on the CD are Mike Majkowski, Berlin-based double bass player from Australia, Gustavo Bentancor on self-constructed instruments, Stockholm Saxophone Quartet. Johan Ehn, actor and author reads the text of On bridges in cities on water written by Radio / sound documentary maker Rikke Houd.