Our history


Tentakel Sound art publisher was founded by Ylva Bentancor in 2020, and is an development of the company Tentakel Music text och lecture.

I am a sound artist.

During my career, I have experienced the sound art as a bit marginalized, which became very clear when I worked with an order from the art event documenta 14 in 2017. We were about thirty sound artists who each received a commission for a work of almost an hour. It was a major investment in collaboration with Deutschland Radio and a fantastic initiative to highlight sound art as an art form on the rise.

But it soon became clear that sound art was not considered as much art as visual art. documenta's artist catalogs are a heavy and prestigious part of the event, but in them there were no place for the sound artists. In Sweden, which monitors the event and are proud of the Swedes who have been selected, nothing was reported about the sound art initiative despite Swedish participation.

This made me a little confused. For me, sound art is a fantastic artistic expression that you go into, disappear into and which in the rest of the world is starting to become increasingly established precisely as an art form. Why should it not be as significant?

Therefore, I decided to make an attempt to promote the art of sound in my own home country, and a good way to start was to start this Sound art publisher.

Today's situation is about learning how a publisher works, how to most effectively spread our products, the whole bureaucratic and technical part.

Once it's in place, it's time to expand, to include more artists in the Publishers' catalog and possibly develop it all into a sound art podcast / radio where we present our productions and sound art that fit into our theme: to illuminate humanity and society from different angles, to create thoughts and reflections.

During the work with a school material based on sound art, Sound as language, I understood how enormous the potential was for getting also young people to try to formulate themselves, tell about their experiences of sound art. Teachers testified that they had never heard their students articulate themselves so well, so omittingly and emotionally. That power has the art of sound because it is based on our own images and associations, we have to think for ourselves.

Tentakel hopes to start a circular process where we can use what one produciton provides to start the next, and so on, in order to be self dependent.  If you have thoughts about the publishing idea or good advice and tips, feel free to get in touch!